Vanilla Lime

Vanilla Lime is a beautiful contemporary wallpaper design book meant for the brave and out of the box thinkers. With a diverse selection of amazing murals to choose from, you do not have to be afraid to find something you do not like.

Our murals are only printed on the best quality materials that are available for large volume residential and contract printing and you will find that we also provide a small selection of metallic designs, just in case your taste buds need a bit more iron.

Each mural we provide is also customizable in size. So we can adapt it perfectly to fit your creative wall.
It is also common to customize a design furthermore, so for instance if you don’t like the flowers in A design, we can remove those too. Everything is possible!

Surface: Basic Matt Non-Woven 
Backing: Paper
Panel width: 50cm
Country of origin : Netherlands

How to calculate the printing needed.
Width of the wall (in meter) x Height of the wall (in meter) 
Note: please add in 0.02 meters for each side as tolerance.

Click here to use the calculator.

How to order:

  • 1 Unit = 0.01 m2 (square meters) of wallpaper
  • 100 Units = 1 m2 (square meter) of wallpaper
  • Total Units to order = Area (m2) x 100