Concrete Cire

Concrete Ciré is a popular plastering technique that is well understood within the interior and home decor sector. This plastering method creates and defines beautiful, classy and even bold wall statements in many different styles and is meant for any individual, family or corporation that loves to be unique.
Our Concrete Ciré wallpapers now makes it possible to apply this same popular plastering technique as a beautiful metallic wallpaper to your wall, without the need of a single gram of plaster.

The use of our Concrete Ciré wallpaper has many advantages, one of them being the speed of application, whilst conventional plastering could take days or maybe even weeks to apply, our Concrete Ciré wallpaper is applied within a few hours. Another advantage is that our Concrete Ciré wallpaper is a much more cost-effective method than conventional plasterwork.

Surface: Basic Matt Non-Woven 
Backing: Paper
Panel width: 50cm

How to calculate the printing needed.

Width of the wall (in meter) x Height of the wall (in meter) 
Note: please add in 0.02 meters for each side as tolerance.

Click here to use the calculator.

How to order:

  • 1 Unit = 0.01 m2 (square meters) of wallpaper
  • 100 Units = 1 m2 (square meter) of wallpaper
  • Total Units to order = Area (m2) x 100