In starwalls we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality yet accessibly priced wall coverings for your homes and offices. If you have any questions that are not covered here, hit us up at our Facebook messenger on the bottom right.

What is a wallpaper?

Wallpaper is decorative surface applied vertically on the wall to create or enhance the interior design space or elevate the atmosphere that could not be achieve by other surface materials.

What material is wall covering available in?

Wall covering is available in a wide assortment of different materials, depending on the collection or country of origin, but generally paper, vinyl and natural materials like textiles.

Why are there different types of backing on wall coverings?

Backings are added to wall coverings for stability, performance, glue adherence and a fuller body for installer to work on. Different backings are used to suit different decorative production and also for performance after installation.

What is a wall mural?

Wall murals (in wall covering sense) are small panels/ strips of wallpapers that make up a whole design story/ theme instead of repetitive motifs.

Will using wall mural have more unsightly join lines?

Good workmanship (makes all the difference) and quality paper, join lines are hard to be seen after installation of murals although there are more join lines.

Which is better, conventional wallpaper or wall mural?

Feature walls are better done with wall murals due to the design options and eclectic mix of themes, but both product types are just as good; knowing where each product should go is the key to achieving better interior design.


Questions such as product quality, pricing, and installations will be covered here.

Why are your wall coverings more expensive?

Our wall coverings are imported from Europe and the USA, we stand behind the quality of the finished product and even the components used during their production before selling. Most importantly, customers are paying for the designs.

Why is your installation charge higher?

Like the products we sell, we take pride in the installers handling our products and your project. We only engage good workmanship installers with many years of expertise and who are used to handling expensive products. We want to make sure the finished product is worth every cent our Customers are paying for.

Is there any warranty for your wall coverings?

Wall coverings are not covered with warranty. But our installers will inform us if something is wrong with the wall coverings and not install it. We will do the exchange and install after. We give warranty on the workmanship of three months after installation. It does not cover situations that are due to poor wall preparations.

What do I need to do for wall preparation?

Walls receiving wall coverings will need to be (1) whitewashed/ painted white, (2) cleaned, (3) coated with sealant and (4) preferably plastered smooth if the wall if uneven. This is to avoid visual disappointment after installation, patchiness that is inherent with the wall and moldy/ fungi situation.


Will you assist with site assessment?

Site assessment is necessary for measurement to ascertain the amount of wall covering needed and checking of wall condition. We will advise homeowners/ project owners on what are required to move ahead.

What is the lead-time for product indent and installation?

One to Two weeks under normal circumstances, barring any holiday seasons.

How long does it take to install wall coverings?

Very quick with experienced installers, couple of hours for a wall, but may vary due to different wall structures and sizes.

When should the installation of wall coverings happen in the renovation schedule?

Wall coverings should be one of the last to install, after the site is cleaned and tidy. Furniture shifting in after that will have to be careful not to damage the wall coverings.

Are wall coverings easy to maintain?

Yes, different materials require a slightly different method in maintenance – refer to care guide for details. But wall coverings are easy to maintain to keep it looking good for a long time.


Where can I view all the collections?

Our full collection of wall coverings can be view online, here.

Are there any large sample books we can see?

We do carry large sample books for customer’s viewing and selection. Due to the wide range of designs available, customers are advised to look at the full collection of designs online first. We can show the large sample books after narrowing down and provide with A4 sample after.

Do you provide design consultancy services?

starwalls work closely with Designers to achieve the look that Customers are looking for. But if you do not have a Designer onboard, we can advise you on the feasibility of wall covering designs and its application with our experiences and expertise.

Do you sell other products other than wall coverings?

starwalls specializes in wall coverings to bring the best to our customers. But if our Customers have requirements for other soft furnishing product, we can assist on a case-to-case basis. Selling everything available on the planet is not what starwalls is about.

What are the modes of payment?

We accept cash and cheque. Cheques are required to clear before any order is processed.

Do you have a showroom?

starwalls is operating with an office/ warehouse at the moment. We bring the showroom to Customers at their convenience. Our showroom is under planning to bring the best experience to all our Customers, not settling for second best.

Why choose starwalls for your wall coverings?

At starwalls, we value designs and we sell only high quality products with better designs instead of selling what everyone has. Design matters.

Do you sell packages according to apartment room types?

No, we don’t. We sell and calculate according to the designs/ collections of the product chosen and by intended wall application. You don’t pay more than what is required or get pushed to buy more.

Why should I choose wall coverings over paint?

Paint is good but paint has always been paint, it has limited capabilities in showcasing your valuable property. Textured paint is way more costly even when comparing with wall covering. It requires more time to complete, limited in design options and harder to reverse the process. Wall coverings are not needed on every piece of wall to elevate your design game, one to two pieces of wall to manifest homeowners’ exquisite taste in design is usually enough given the product designs we offer.

Are wall coverings easy to maintain?

Yes, different materials require a slightly different method in maintenance – refer to care guide for details. But wall coverings are easy to maintain to keep it looking good for a long time.

How long does a wall covering last?

Wall coverings last a long time with proper care and maintenance. But it is hard to determine a specific duration due to different wall and property condition, such as humidity and ventilation.

Are wall coverings reusable?

Unfortunately, no, because of the glue residues behind, difference in wall dimension and striping out the wall coverings will stretch it. But it is easy to strip out, refurbish the wall condition and replace with a new wall covering.

How are wall murals calculated?

All our wall murals’ size is customized to your wall size for the perfect look. Just pick a design.

How other wall coverings are calculated?

We will calculate the amount of wallpaper required for your wall based on the type of pattern or wallpaper design selected against the wall application to provide you with the quantity. But if you have an inquisitive mind, we have included a wallpaper calculator here to ease your curiosity.

Why does the wallpaper over at my friend’s peel?

There could be a few reasons for peeling, the most basic would be associated to workmanship (insufficient or bad quality glue), and more technical ones could be high humidity compromising the glue adhesion to the wall or water seepages. To avoid these, moisture level has to be measured before installation, so homeowners know about the feasibility on wall covering installation, and of course engage a team of good installers.

Are air bubbles/ pockets inherent to all wall covering installation?

Not really. We get them once awhile, but not inherent to wall covering installation. Reasons for bubbles or air pockets are due to the air trapped between the wall covering and the wall, most of the time it will go away few days after the adhesive settles or dries up. If it doesn’t, it is also not a cause to panic – installers can fix them up in a jiffy.

If I have a high moisture house or wall, can I still install wall coverings?

Yes, you can, if it is not due to any water seepages. Installation of wall covering on high moisture walls, the wall MUST be sealed good layer/s of sealant and the room must be well ventilated after use to avoid growth of mildews and fungi on the surface.

Why some wall coverings are covered in discolored patches?

This is due to moisture.
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