For many years, wall coverings seemingly became a casualty to product dumping, and had lost its luster and charm. There were hundreds of typical wallpapers flooding the market at competitive pricing. Because of the sheer availability and accessibility, each home ended up looking very much similar to another home. Wall coverings no longer make a statement; they just look stagnant and typical. And that was why starwalls was conceived, by a group of individuals who value design, and wish to bring unique and affordable art form to home owners and project owners.

In your homes, where design matters.

Wall coverings that make a statement.



With vast experiences in building / decorative materials and driven with passion, starwalls delicately source for and select products from different parts of Europe and USA. Since inception, starwalls have completed esteemed commercial projects for Marina Bay Sands hotel, Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, Performance Motor showroom, Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant and many others. starwalls is also part of luxury residential projects for Regency House Serviced Apartments, New Futura, Wallich Residence, and many homes where designs matter. starwalls aims to bring quality, unique products and options to the masses at reasonable prices and add value to project owners.

Because this is what starwalls is all about – wall covering is not dull and unimaginative; it is your lifestyle.

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